Safari Sight was formed in Lawrence, Kansas at the beginning of 2017. We started off as a project to help the local community find rare Pokemon and turned into something much bigger. Safari Sight now finds, maps out, and alerts Pokemon, raids, and gyms for cities throughout the United States. Once we knew that we had something good, we pushed forward to share our service with as many trainers as possible. Today, users can pledge $5 per month on Patreon to gain full access to all Safari Sight Premium features and areas, both current and future additions. Our Patreon page displays a plethora of features that comes with Safari Sight Premium and includes instructions to allow trainers to utilize Safari Sight to the fullest.

We have not lost sight of our community origins. Those who are not able to afford a $5 per month pledge on Patreon are encouraged to use Safari Sight Standard. The Safari Sight Standard Discord server provides trainers with a rare Pokemon feed with basic features and a limited amount of Pokemon. We wish we could give all users every single feature, but the running expenses for this project do not allow us to do so.

To get started with the standard features, check out the Standard Discord Server.

To gain access to the live map and premium features, check out the Patreon page.

Thank you for being a part of the Safari Sight Community!