Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I’ve pledged through Patreon and I can’t access my Discord Rewards?
A. Go here then scroll down and click “Connect to Discord”.

Q. When does Patreon charge my account?
A. Unfortunately, Patreon charges your account when you first pledge. It also charges you at the first of every month. For this reason, we recommend pledging earlier in the month.


Q. Can you scan for shiny Pokemon?
A. Trust, we would if we could. All shiny Pokemon are unique to each individual. What’s shiny for you is most likely not shiny for your neighbor, even if you’re the same level.

Q. Are your stats accurate? I followed the directions to a Pokemon and found that its stats were different than what was reported on Discord.
A. Our stats are on point … for players that are level 30+. Below level 30, stats are different for each level.

Q. Sometimes when I click the [GPS] link from Discord, the locations is pinned a few minutes away from the actual location. Why do?
Sometimes Google is too smart for its own good and tries to change the coordinates to the nearest labeled location. Not a lot we can do but there are a couple tricks you can try: 1) Click “walk the rest of the way” and it might tell you the actual location. 2) Close out of maps and retry.

Q. I’m using iOS and I can’t get navigation link to work properly. How do?
A. First, download Google Chrome yesterday. When you click the [GPS] link in Discord, make sure to select “open in Chrome” and it should redirect properly.

Q. I have other questions. What do?
A. Try #help-request in either the Standard or Premium Safari Sight server– it’s your best bet for getting a fast and accurate response.


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