Free Raid Map Instructions

What is the Free Live Raid Map and how do I use it?

The Free Live Raid Map is a tool for hunting finding and coordinating raids. To use the Live Map, you must (The following are not yet mandatory)

  1. Have a Discord account.
  2. Be a part of our free Discord server:
  3. Be logged into this Discord account in the browser and/or app of the device that you are attempting to access the Live Map from.

Note: Please use Google Chrome when accessing the Live Map from any device. The Live Map is not optimized to work with any other browser, especially Safari.



A. Features and Functions

B. Common problems and solutions

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A. Features and Functions

Basic Functions

  • Explanation of symbols (from left to right)
    • Location – Press this button to have a blue marker center on your current location on the map.
    • Settings – Press this to open settings that will allow changing filters for Pokémon, IVs, Raids, and more.
    • – Press this to get to this page.
  • Raid detail pop-ups
    • Raid detail – Click a gym with a current raid or egg to view more details about the raid such as name of gym, raid start/end time, raid boss, and GPS directions to the gym.
  • Show/Hide raid & gym filters
    • This feature allows you to show or hide raids based on raid tier and show or ride raids based on team association. This will update automatically as you show/hide each raid tier.
      Your show/hide settings will be saved each time you access the same Live Map on the same device (settings are not saved between different Live Maps or different devices) unless you clear your cache or reset your preferences. (Will be saved when Discord becomes mandatory)

Advanced Functions

  • More Settings
    • Custom URL – If you have a link to a sprite sheet of icons, you can replace the default icons with custom ones using this feature.
  • “Where I have raided”
    • This feature allows you to keep track of gyms you have raided at. This feature only works if you use the “I am going” checkbox on the raid detail pop-up. (Will work when Discord becomes mandatory)

B. Common problems and solutions

  • If you are using an iPhone and the map asks you to use storage: authorize the storage. This allows map tiles to be cached which will improve performance when zooming in/out on the map.
  • Live Map seems to not be working? Check the #announcements channel on Discord to see if the Live Map is down. If no announcements, it is most likely an issue on the device end. First, try refreshing the page. If that doesn’t work, clear cache. If that doesn’t work, reset preferences on the map. If that doesn’t work, clear cookies. If nothing works, go to the #report-areas-down-here channel on Discord and report the specific Live Map that you are having an issue with.

C. Pledge on Patreon to remove ads and see all Pokemon

  • To view all information on how to remove ads, see Pokemon with IV/CP/Moves, create custom Discord notifications, and much more, check out our Patreon page here.