Terms of Use & Privacy

Terms of Use

Free/Standard Server Only Users – You are allowed to share any screenshots from the Standard Server and Free Activities Maps. If you have access to the Premium Server as well, you are not allowed to share Premium only information such as Statistics of Findings or any other premium-only features.

Premium Users – By using the Safari Sight Premium Discord Server or the Premium Map (premium-only features) you are agreeing to the following terms of use. Note that since you are are pledging on Patreon for the premium service, you are also agreeing to their terms of use.

You are not allowed to share information gained from the Safari Sight Premium Server or the Premium Map. This includes:

  • Screenshots from the Premium Discord Server
  • Screenshots of the Premium Map
  • Information about Premium-Only content such as Findings and information about any Findings data gathered by Safari Sight.

If you are not sure if something is against the rules, please ask an admin, moderator, or in #help-request on the Premium server. Violation of the above rules are all also against Patreon’s Terms of Use: “Reward Sharing – Don’t support a creator and then share their patron-only content without permission from the creator.”


  • You may share screenshots of Activities information only. Screenshots of Activities notifications from Discord and the Premium Map are allowed only if no Findings are included in the screenshot.
  • Screenshots of Findings that have since disappeared.
  • Screenshots from a Premium Map that currently has a free trial active.
  • Research Information may be shared if found by Safari Sight, but we ask that Safari Sight is credited with its initial finding.
  • Information about Findings that is shared by word-of-mouth (No electronic sharing is allowed).

Other terms:

  • You are not allowed to share your Discord account that has a Premium membership with other users. This is also against Patreon’s Terms of Use: “Impersonation – Don’t impersonate anyone. Don’t use another’s account, or allow others to use your account.”
  • Harassing other users in-person or online may result in a ban from any and all Safari Sight servers.
  • Pledges made to Safari Sight via Patreon are non-refundable. Safari Sight services are not guaranteed to function at full capacity 100% of the time, and you will not be compensated for downtime.


  • First-time offenders that share Premium-Only content will either receive a warning or a 3-day ban from Safari Sight Premium, depending on the severity of the offense. In rare cases, users may be permanently banned upon their first offense if Safari Sight finds the offense to be malicious.
  • Repeat offenders will receive a permanent ban from Discord Servers and may have their Patreon account reported.

Privacy Policy

Email addresses and names given on Patreon will not be shared with other users. Emails may be used by Safari Sight in the future to contact users directly. Payment details used on Patreon are never seen by Safari Sight. This website uses Google Analytics to gather data on every user. This data is used by Safari Sight to gauge user interaction and sources. Our maps cache information in your system to allow for quicker future loading times and saving settings. Safari Sight does not keep any data for any in-game trainer names.

Users who report other users for breaking Safari Sight or Patreon’s Terms of Use to the owner will remain anonymous.

By joining any Safari Sight Discord server and/or accessing the maps on this website, you are agreeing to the conditions above.